Behind the Lace Curtains-Wednesday Work Day

With a change in new and genuine leadership at the Havre Chamber of Commerce comes the opportunity to fix some of the problems created by her predecessor, and the new Executive Director is  much, much more cooperative and fair than the last one, who ran the office based on personal biases and hatred of anyone who had great ideas that weren't hers.  If she didn't like you, she didn't do anything for you even if you were a dues-paying Chamber member.  She hurt more small, local businesses than she ever helped, but now there is a chance to remedy those damages.

I've been working on format for my tours for the Chamber's webpage, which has under the past "leadership" deliberately left my information out of the Things To Do section, so of course people visiting the chamber's website don't know about my tours.  I will meet with Jody today to go over those proposed changes and hopefully get everything on the right track.

Folks, it has been over twenty years since I've had such optimism-genuine hope for the future with regard to my tours and my small business.  That's pathetic, that a small, locally owned business had to struggle so hard and get nowhere, just because the person who should be a leader isn't leading and instead let her personal dislike and viewpoints affect the office and the entire community.  It was crap back then, and it's still crap.  When Havre had a Convention and Visitors Bureau, financed through public bed tax funds, she even made sure then she was using taxpayer dollars against my business, which is wrong on many fronts.  We were supposed to get our CVB back last year, but she was too lazy to fill out the paperwork-or maybe she deliberately made it hard for the rest of us after she left to get it back!  She's that mean-spirited and hateful to do so.  That's not being a leader-that's being a jerk.

We now have the opportunity to get our CVB back and I will be helping with that, too.  Because I guarantee it won't be "run" the same way it was when the previous "executive director" was handling it!  And people will be hearing more about my tours, products and services-as it should be!


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