Behind the Lace Curtains-Tuesday Table Setting News

As you know, I love old buildings, table settings, and antiques, to name a few. Many years ago, when A&E channel was actually about Arts and Entertainment, I used to watch and videotape episodes of a show called America's Castles. They were the homes of the wealthy, excellent examples of important architecture with a history to share. I loved the series, but sadly, it is no longer broadcast and I need to convert my videotapes to DVD.

However, someone has posted those videos on YouTube, and I've been watching them with great joy. (The site has since been taken down.) One such episode is called Winter Castles and features Marjorie Merriweather Post's Mar-A-Lago. The narrator toned about Mrs. Post's faux marble dining room table:

"...big enough to showcase Mrs. Post's incredible collection of china. A collection so vast, Mrs. Post could host a party of 39 guests for up to 50 dinner parties without ever repeating a china pattern."

Now, that got my heart pounding!! It also got me thinking: OK, there's no way I have place settings for 39...I don't even know if I can fit that many people in my house! I know not my dining room...LOL! BUT, 50 dinner parties without ever repeating a china pattern...I think I've found my challenge for 2020!

So, once a week for 2020, I will showcase a different dinnerware pattern in my collection for Table Setting Tuesday, as well as recipes of the meals served on them.


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