Behind the Lace Curtains-TTS #58/2020 Table Setting Challenge #18, May the 4th Be With You!

In my last blog, I stated my brothers and I enjoyed Star Wars. It was one of the few things I enjoyed doing with my brothers. I grew up in a neighborhood full of boys, so if I wanted friends, I had to learn to play with the boys. Rarely did I do "girl things", so watching Star Wars and collecting the little action figures and playing with them and my doll house was something I could do with my brothers that wasn't overtly "girly".

I have wanted to set this table for years, and this year I was able to take the time to design it and enjoy it. May the 4th has evolved into Star Wars Day, so this year I pulled some White, Pearl Gray, Tangerine, Persimmon and Poppy Fiesta from my massive collection (various sources). I used a grey table cloth and matching napkins in the Smithson pattern by Excel (Herberger's) as the base, and layered White, Pearl Gray and Tangerine at each place setting, mixing the colors as I went from one place setting to the other. I took a lot of time to make sure that each setting had the perfect balance of each color. I used Reed and Barton's Titanic reproduction flatware (QVC), because, well, there is a star on the handle of each piece and this is Star Wars, so....! I chose Duncan and Miller Glass Company's Canterbury #115 for the drinkware (thrift store), because the glass has a gray cast to it and it went so well with the linens and the Pearl Gray Fiesta. I chose Persimmon Range style salt and pepper shakers. One set is salt and pepper (J. C. Penney), but the other set is pepper only. Our town's Herberger's got in a shipment of pepper shakers only, so they went to the clearance table and I purchased all six of them. Somewhere in HerbergerLand, they got salt only! When I set this table, I had just got an order of Fiesta from Macy's, which included an entertaining set consisting of a Poppy bread tray and bouillon cups in Sunflower, Lapis and Lemongrass, a set exclusive to Macy's. I used the Poppy bread tray on the table as well, along with a Poppy Extra Large Covered Butter Dish, giving all three bright orange P86 shades of Fiesta a chance to be seen and enjoyed.

The centerpiece consists of some BB-8 fabric I found at Joann Fabrics in Great Falls, Montana as a runner. In the center is a cute BB-8 piggy bank I found at Walmart. The adorable astromech droid sits on an overturned Fiesta Presentation Bowl in Pearl Gray (J. C. Penney). Flanking the bowl are a medium vase in White (Betty Crocker catalog), and a Monarch vase in Tangerine (Christmas present from my nephew, Mason). At either end of the centerpiece are Millennium Candlestick Holders in Pearl Gray (eBay). BB-8 is my favorite Star Wars character, thus the color scheme. I think it turned out well!

On the menu was:
Admiral Ackbar Shrimp Cocktail
Tatooine Cream of Mushroom Soup
Wedge Antilles Salad with Fresh Vegetables and Boba Fett-a Cheese
TaunTaun Steaks
Buttered Yoda Noodles
Chewbacca Bars
Chai Tea-3PO or Café Au Leia (OK, I stole that from Raj on Big Bang Theory!)

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