Behind the Lace Curtains-Friday Felines

It didn't take long for baby kitten Jackie Jo to get bigger than her older sister, Skinny.  However, the rambunctious and stubborn kitten was getting to be too much for poor Skinny, who is 13 years Jackie's senior.  I thought adopting another young cat to take the attention away from Skinny might work, so I rescued a stray at the Havre Animal Shelter.  She was a black kitten, about Jackie's age, with a white spot on her chest.  I named her Little Miss Rita Jean, and she and Jackie became fast friends.  Skinny took to her as well, as did Buddy and Tux, and my scheme worked!  Jackie and Rita could fight, wrestle and tumble with each other all they wanted, leaving Skinny alone-for the most part!

Rita is the sweetest little cat.  She's a runt, she's not going to get too big, and she's not that bright but she's so full of love and affection she makes up for it.  She can do some silly things!  And she has the most gorgeous set of eyes.  They look like avocados, so I call her Little Avocado Eyes.  She doesn't like to be held much, but she does like to cuddle.

So, for now our little family is complete, though we do terribly miss the ones who have passed.  I cherish each day we have together-even when I have to pull them apart from fighting!

Loveable Little Miss Rita Jean.

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