Behind the Lace Curtains-Friday Felines

Now that I've introduced you to The Cottage Cats, I can share some of the adventures we've had together.  My life is better, more meaningful and fuller with my feline babies, and I wouldn't have it any other way-even when they're naughty!

When I first adopted Mackie, she was semi-feral and never really grew out of that.  Being thrown into the Bear Paw Battlefield with only her wits to save her, she never forgot being abandoned.

I was living in an apartment at the time that did not accept pets, but I did purchase The Mansion, so she lived there until I moved into The Cottage.  And I thank God when I did, because that winter was a very cold winter and with no heat in The Mansion, she certainly would not have made it.

She really loved The Mansion and always considered that to be her home.  She loved to run up and down the stairs, peek through holes and play hide and seek.  At 5:00, after I got off work, we would enjoy time together, me listening to Paul Harvey's The Rest of the Story and enjoying iced tea or a cold Coca-Cola, and she on my lap enjoying the attention.

When she got hurt and the wound burst, I was the one who stayed with her to make sure she got her medicine (which she hated), and to keep her company.  The bond we created between each other was never broken; she could always count on Mama to get her through.

But that staircase-she just loved it!  She loved to play patty bats in between the balustrades, show off her feline skills running up and down the steps, and showing how cute she could be by sticking her head between the balustrades, turning her head and saying "Mew" really cute.  Which meant she got into something, usually turning her attention to some type of paper object she had found and shredded it to pieces.  Good thing we kept all of the good stuff safe!

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