Behind the Lace Curtains-Monday Mementos, Fiestaware and Why I Love It!

I belong to several Facebook groups, and a few of them pertain to Fiestaware.  The Fiesta pages were agog and atwitter with news that Ree Drummond's magazine, The Pioneer Woman, featured Fiesta.  We have long known she uses Fiesta on her set and we really enjoy seeing her use it.  She includes a 10 Fun Facts page, some collectors (it was great to see Marianne Becton, she creates the most beautiful tables using Fiesta!) and Ree's reasons for loving Fiesta.  Here are mine:

  1. Fiesta is made in America by Union workers.
  2. Fiesta comes in a variety of colors to please any palette and lots of patterns to choose from.
  3. They are great paired with other Fiesta or other dinnerware.  I have successfully been able to use china from the Victorian era to today that were incomplete, or didn't have enough pieces to use for whatever party I'm hosting, but adding Fiesta made the table setting a great success.
  4. Fiesta is affordable.
  5. The dinner plates hold just the right amount of food-not too much, not too little.
  6. Fiesta holds up well for everyday use.

Mrs. Drummond also dedicates a couple of pages to the various shades of Fiesta from its inception in 1936 to today's new Mulberry (which is gorgeous, by the way!  I can't wait to add the tea cups and saucers and two accessory pieces later this year!), but she forgets the unofficial first Fiesta brown shade-Amberstone.  I like Amberstone.  It was not marketed under Fiesta, but the molds were used to produce it.  It was sold in stores such as Safeway in the late 60s/early 70s.

This will probably be one of very few issues I will have of her magazine-I have other magazines that often cover the same subjects-but this one is a keeper!

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