Behind the Lace Curtains-Tribute to The Gentleman of Avalon

One sunny summer day in 2008, a shy and gorgeous tuxedo cat was hiding in the lilac trees between The Cottage and The Mansion.  It didn't take much coaxing from me to get him out of the bushes, and we instantly bonded.  He was hungry, in need of love and a good home, so of course we kept him!

I named him Mr. Tux, and his name fit him well.  He was always dignified, loved things to be in order, and was an expert cuddler.  He was also quite spoiled; he would sit and cry this yowl outside my bedroom window, which also faces an accounting business next door.  It didn't take long for me to go and get him, because I didn't want the workers next door to think that I was abusing this poor cat!

When he wanted out, he had a routine I called his "love circles"; he would walk in a little circle before going out.  He wasn't much for the cold, rain or snow-if it wasn't nice out, Tuxerpoo did not go out at all.

He came de-clawed, which is something I would never do to any cat.  I could tell when his little paws were bothering him, because even though he had a dainty gait, it was even more gingerly walked when Monsieur LeBeau's paws hurt.

He battled diabetes a couple of years ago, but that reversed itself.  However, he also developed kidney problems which eventually caught up with him.  We had to say goodbye to our Mr. Carson, who always made sure everything was in its place and food dishes were filled to his standards whether or not that bowl was his. (Downton Abbey fans will understand).  Mr. Tux went to Rainbow Bridge Saturday, April 15, 2017, the day before Easter Sunday.

We miss our boy very much, but he is with his adopted brother, Smokey, whom he was great pals with, and his adopted sisters Kitty, Shorty, Pippie and Mackie and canine brother Bruce.  I'm sure Mr. Tux is putting them in order!


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