Behind the Lace Curtains-Sunday Dinner, Pork Roast with Ginger-Peach Glaze

When I moved into my first apartment in 1991, my mother took me grocery shopping to set up housekeeping.  She taught me what to look for, compare prices and brands, and how to use coupons.  As we were going through the aisles, she picked up a Kraft cookbook that said it was free if we bought 3 Kraft items, so of course we did!  She also would peel off recipes that were found near products, saying to pick up recipes like that because I might need them and they might come in handy.  For the most part, I've followed that advice well.

One of those "I might need it someday" recipes is now a tried-and-true family favorite.  Found in the spice aisle of Buttrey's (later bought by Albertson's), it is a simple recipe by McCormick-Schilling.  You will need:

2 tsp. seasoned salt; 1 tsp ground thyme; 2 lb. boneless pork loin roast; 1/2 c. peach preserves; 2 tsp. Worcestershire sauce; 3/4 tsp ground ginger.

Combine seasoned salt and thyme.  Rub on all sides of pork roast.  Grill over indirect heat or bake 1 1/2 hours at 350 degrees F. or until done (160 degrees F. on a meat thermometer.) Combine preserves, Worcestershire sauce and ginger.  Coat pork roast with preserve mixture during the last 10 minutes of cooking.  Makes 6-8 servings.

I like to serve cheesy mashed potatoes and buttered green beans with this recipe.  If you are really ambitious, try making a gravy out of the pan drippings-the pork flavor, spice rub and peach preserve mixture make the most delicious and interesting gravy!

I have also substituted other jellies and jams for the peach preserves-raspberry and plum-and those turned out equally delicious.

Any leftovers are eaten the next day, either re-heated or sliced and fried in a cast-iron skillet.  The meal "leftovers" well.

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