Behind the Lace Curtains-Sunday Dinner, Ham It Up!

We enjoy roasting a ham in our Cottage.  It's great for Sunday dinner, and the leftover possibilities are practically endless.  We usually purchase a bone-in ham and stud it with sliced pineapple with a maraschino cherry in the middle.  The juices from the fruit mix with the saltiness of the ham making the most remarkable gravy.  Of course, mashed potatoes are served on the side, along with a fresh green salad, green beans almandine, and a simple dessert, usually Jell-O or pudding.

Ham, of course, is the centerpiece for Easter.  We always have ham.  The sides then include Mom's secret shrimp salad, fruit cocktail with Mandarin oranges and whipped cream, green bean casserole and crescent rolls, along with usually a pie for dessert.  Sometimes we have cake, if I'm feeling it!

The leftovers are fun to find an adaptive reuse.  Take some slices and fry them up and pair with eggs and toast for breakfast, ham sandwiches with Cheddar cheese for lunch, and a casserole using the ham for dinner.  That ham bone?  We use that for soups, either split pea or Senate bean soup are usually the ones I make.  When I make soup, there is always a lot of it, so extra servings are frozen for future meals.

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