Behind the Lace Curtains-Friday Fun Day, Music, Music, Music!

Both Jamey and I enjoy music, and when we first started dating, we often went to the local concert series.  Music of all kinds was enjoyed by both of us, and we are sad that this is no longer a local option.

Sometimes we go to Kicks at Six on summer Tuesdays and Sounds on the Square summer Wednesdays, but by the time we get off work sometimes we're just too tired to go and would rather stay in. Yes, our lives can be dull!

When we go out, sometimes we put in a few bucks in the jukebox.  I prefer oldies, Jamey likes the blues.  Either way, we both enjoy each other's choices.

At home, my music library runs the gamut, but it is  mostly classical and instrumentals.  And my mood changes frequently when listening to music-I could listen to a Bach CD and the next one that goes in is the modern, optimistic sounds of bossa nova.  Only one genre is not in my collection-disco.  I hate disco! So, thankfully, does Jamey.  Yuck.

Mom saw to it that all of us kids learned to play an instrument.  I started with the clarinet, but had the good sense to switch to the trumpet in 8th grade.  While I have a trumpet, it has been way too long since I've played it-I need to pick that up again.  I still have my clarinet and also have a piano, a recorder, castanets, maracas,  a mouth harp, a "fwee toy", and two autoharps.  I play none, but should really learn how.  That's sad of me.

In the meantime, I'm enjoying one of my Downton Abbey soundtracks.  I'm glad they know how to play their instruments!

The Brinkerhoff piano is in The Cottage Entry. It is in need of repair-and for me to learn how to play it!


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