Behind the Lace Curtains-Friday Fun Day, Country Road Driving

One of the things Jamey and I love to do is travel.  Sometimes, however, the extent of our travels are simply driving down country roads in our beloved home county and just being out on the prairie, out at Fresno, through the Bear Paw Mountains or even taking a trek 20 miles east to Chinook, Montana, one of Montana's quaintest little towns.  Jamey calls it "Lloyd and Barbara", his mother's parents, and they liked to do the same thing.

This week, our precious Bear Paws were inundated with fire.  As of this writing, some 22,000 acres have been scorched, livestock and wildlife lost, some cabins and outbuildings have burned to the ground.  People's livelihoods have been damaged and recreational opportunities have been violated by flames.  This has far-reaching consequences for a long period of time.  Our best wishes go out to those whose lives have been disrupted, and if there is any way we can help, we have four hands and willing bodies that can assist in any way we can!

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