Behind the Lace Curtains-Friday Felines

Buddy brought home a tiny blue kitten one evening, and of course Buddy led the little stray to the food.  I figured since he's eating my food, we should get to know each other.  Smokey Joe was a little feral when he first came, but it didn't take long for him to decide he liked to be carried and cuddled.  He was full of love and quite spoiled, as all of my cats are.  However, I wasn't the only one spoiling him.  Buddy and Mr. Tux also spoiled him, allowing him to butt into their food dishes and start eating their food, even though he had his own bowl.  There was no stopping him, so sadly he was quite big.  His suspected breed, a Chartreuse, is naturally stocky and big, but he was too much so.  Sadly, two weeks and day after we lost Shorty, Smokey Joe died of a stroke at six years old.  We still miss Smokey and his funny ways, especially when he wanted to go outside.  He would sit and stare at the corner of the door and the door jamb like he was being made to stand in the corner!

Smokey Joe when he first came to live with us in the summer of 2008.

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