Announcement: Why I Cancelled Christmas At The Cottage This Year!

As I write this, I am not a very happy or excited person. For months, I have been preparing for Christmas At The Cottage, something I truly enjoy planning, decorating for and hosting. I believe sharing my historic private home for one or two days a year connects citizens to their history, to their roots, and I feel it is my duty and obligation as a member of one of Havre's oldest families to do so. Therefore, it is with a heavy heart and a great deal of consternation that I must cancel this year's event.

Why? Because I will be spending more time doing something I've already spent more than enough time doing in order for right and the truth to prevail. Many know I worked at the Hill County Courthouse as its Personnel Clerk, pioneering the position and faithfully serving for 15 years. For the past year, I have been having to deal with an uninformed supervisor and with a culmination of "activities" by her in the past year, I simply had enough and resigned my position because I felt it was the only option available to me. I have applied for unemployment benefits as is my right as a person who left due to constructive discharge, but now I got the paperwork of her rebuttal yesterday and folks, she outright stepped in it and now I have to go find more paperwork to prove my point (thank God I have it!), pay more money to get copies, pay to send it down to Helena to the UI people and prepare for a hearing later this month. I am livid. I am angry that she has chosen to do what she did on purpose (now I know what she meant when she told me she "fights dirty"), and I am angry that instead of decorating trees, fussing with Christmas decorations and choosing treats and beverages for Christmas At The Cottage I'm having to turn my parlor and dining room back into a virtual damned law office with documents everywhere all to tell the truth and expose that woman for who she really is.

Please accept my apologies for not hosting Christmas At The Cottage this year and for my rant. I am absolutely stunned and insulted that she lied on purpose, and I'm not going to take that at all!

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