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Behind the Lace Curtains-Tuesday Table Setting No. 1, Jane Ray

Let me just admit it-I LOVE DISHES!!  It shows in my collection.  Some I purchased to keep, others I purchased to re-sell to raise funds for the house museum.  All at some point in time are used (that's what they are for) and I truly enjoy creating beautiful table settings either for my guests or…
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Behind the Lace Curtains-Monday Mementos, Lighting Edition 1

There are several different lighting fixtures found in our collections.  Some are elegant, others plain, and others still are whimsical.  We have a lot of electric lights and oil lamps from days of yore. All are useful and necessary.  If the lights are on, we're home and up doing something.  It is not unusual to…
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Behind the Lace Curtains-Sunday Dinner Memories and Steak Salad Edition

Sunday Dinner.  Those two beautiful words mean so much to many families around the world.  During the Colonial era in America, people were supposed to rest on Sundays-no work, little play and pretty much read the Bible. Dinners consisted of meals that would take a while to cook in ovens while they cooled-even ovens weren't allowed to…
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Behind the Lace Curtains-New Laptop and Uplifting News

I recently purchased a new laptop computer, and the transfer of the massive amount of data on my old laptop, found in e-mails and on my thumb drives is now complete, as is copying everything on to an external hard drive.  Next up is copying everything to a cloud service, so I can access information…
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